Our Mission

Say "what's up" to living your best life!

Do more of what makes you happy. You 
can accomplish anything you set your mind to.

From Day 1, we've made it our mission to help keep plastic bottles out of our oceans by turning them into fun beach towels that everyone can enjoy.

All of our towels are made from 12 Globally Certified Post-Consumer Plastic Bottles. 

Your Impact:

100% of Sea Turtles currently have plastic in their bodies.

When you buy a WHATSUPLIFE item, you’re making a statement that you’re willing to live your best life and are making a real difference in the world by keeping our oceans clean.

We love helping others so all we ask is for you to be a kind person, pass on the positivity, and encourage others to do the same!

Join the fun and help make a difference! ☺


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Our Back Story
From Dee, WHATSUPLIFE's Founder:
"The name 'WHATSUPLIFE' came to me in 2017. I was a recent graduate and was having a hard time deciding what direction I wanted to go in life and was also going through a hard loss. Even though things weren't really looking up at the time, I've always had this strong belief that life should be filled with happy and fun moments with the people you love so one day I asked myself out loud, "What's my purpose here? How can I help others and really make a difference in the world?”

Within a split second, the word “WHATSUPLIFE” popped in my mind. Just like that, clear as day, and a part of me just knew that this was the answer. I finally had a clear vision and purpose. It was incredible.

From that moment, I made it my mission to encourage others (you) to live your best life, be the most authentic version of yourself, do more of what makes you happy and believe that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to.

After living and breathing WHATSUPLIFE's values for 3 years, I wanted to weave these values into a physical product and help our beautiful planet because it’s given us so much and it’s really time we say thank you so I created Eco-Friendly Sand-Free Beach Towels that are made from Recycled Plastic Bottles to help combat ocean pollution.

I love people and all I want to do is give back, so all I ask in return is for you to be a kind person, pass on our mission of positivity, and encourage others to do the same.

I want you to live your best life because you deserve it.

Thank you for being here, I appreciate you (so much)


Your friend,

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