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If you want to live a life of FREEDOM, and love our beautiful SEAS, MARINE LIFE, and want to be a part of the BEST global team who make a real difference in the world, then...

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We’re looking for ambitious, kind individuals who are Eager To Share Our Mission of:

 1. Encouraging others to believe they can accomplish anything they set their mind to regardless of their Age, Race, Gender, Social Status, Who They Love, etc. and to do more of what makes them happy. 2. Encouraging others to live a more sustainable life and to help support our oceans, marine life conservation, and our beautiful planet.

By Becoming a WHATSUPLIFE Ambassador…

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✅ You will be a part of an elite group of positive young adults who make a difference in the world.
    ✅ You can vote on new product designs before we release them to the public. 
      ✅ You will be helping to save our oceans and beautiful marine life.
      ✅ Repping a positive brand will help you stand out on your resume, college applications, sorority applications, and is very impressive to future employers. It can help you land your dream job or start your own dream business!
      ✅ You will learn valuable life lessons and skills from us that aren’t taught in school, this knowledge will really (really really) benefit you.
      ✅ You receive a special (pretty sweet) discount off your first order + a special 25% Off Ambassador Code FOR LIFE.
       This is a GREAT opportunity to make new amazing friends! You can make forever friendships from different states and all countries around the world, you become fam for life.
      ✅ You can redeem your points for discounts and FREE products!
      ✅ You can be featured on our official Instagram @whatsuplifeofficial and you will be invited to special events + much, much more! 🎉

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      As our team grows, so does the GIVING and IMPACT we can have on others and the planet!

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